Pest Control Warranty

Pest & Termite Exterminators offer the highest level of warranty in the industry.
 This means  you can relax and leave all the worrying about pests to our highly trained and professional technicians.

What To Expect From Our Pest Control Service

Initially, you will see an increase in pest activity around the home. This will occur during the initial 48 hours, however in some cases can continue. This is due to the chemicals driving the pests out of harbourage areas. Please note that Chemicals may take up to 6 weeks after treatment to take effect and cannot prevent insects from entering a building from other sources.

Your pest control service will be effective for a period depending on the Pest(s) treated (see below). You should expect to see insects appear and advise that you monitor their activity as you may find that they die off a short time after coming into contact with the chemicals. It is not uncommon to see some insects during the warranty period. Monitor these and you will find that upon entering a treated area, pests will die off within 1 to 2 days of coming into contact with our products.

A pest control treatment does not last forever. Initially the treatment will be most effective however over time, will become less effective. Regular maintenance is the key to reducing pest populations in your home. We recommend booking a service every 6 to 12 months depending on the property and types of pest(s) present. To make this even more effective & affordable, we offer all returning customers a Four seasons treatment which Includes your first treatment and a further 3 treatments to see you Pest Free, throughout the year.

Before We Arrive

  • Please make sure areas around house are clear and that cars are removed from the driveway.
  • On greeting our customers, our technicians will conduct a risk assessment. At this stage you will need to inform them of any pets, allergies or other concerns before the service is started.
  • Your technician will explain the order of service and direct you during the service to keep you safe. It is important to adhere to his direction after the service in terms of re-entry, ventilation and other safety requirements. They may also inform you of different environmental, design or hygiene issues that may require action by the customer to aid the service effectiveness.

What to Expect After Treatment

A more in depth look at what to expect with the most common Pests

  • Cockroaches (large): You cannot prevent cockroaches from entering a building. It is not uncommon to see some during the service period. This does not constitute a problem; they will come in contact with the residual chemical and die. If the problem persists over a period of 4 weeks, please call us on 02 40584158
  • German Cockroaches: Time between treatments will vary but is usually 2-4 weeks apart. It is normal to see a reduction in Adult activity and an increase in Nymph activity. The second treatment as recommended by our Qualified Technicians will be to completely eradicate your infestation. Please note that some homes require more than 2 treatments.
  • Ants: Ants like all pests are stirred-up after a service so you will see increased activity for the first 3-4 weeks. They will however have tracked through the treated zone and will die. Ants are also generally more active before a rain event. Interior and exterior treatments are a completely different service. Please ask our Qualified Technicians.
  • Bed Bugs: Because of the nature of a home with furniture and the ability of a bedbug to conceal itself, by choosing the cheaper option to treat you must understand that not all areas will be treated. Having said that it will take a little longer for the activity to cease. In most cases, 4 weeks. Please talk to your Qualified Pest Technician about options.
  • Fleas: Fleas can be present for 4-8 weeks after our service. Do not avoid the affected areas and follow tips on encouraging the hatching process as well as pet treatment.
  • Spiders: After the initial eradication of spiders you may see webs forming. This a normal occurrence as we cannot stop Spiders coming onto your property. You will find however, that the spider will be dead within 1-2 days.

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