Bed Bug Control

Do You Have A Bed Bug Problem?

Because bed bugs can lay dormant for up to 6 months, you may not even realise you have them until it is too late. Combine this dormancy period with the fact that Bed bugs are very hard to see and it’s not hard to see why an expert Pest Control Technician can be the only successful choice.

Pest Exterminators Senior Technicians have years of experience in finding and treating bed bugs.

Do You Suspect A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs are one of the most complicated pests you are likely to encounter in your home or business. Hard to detect with an untrained eye and even harder to treat.

It is also rather unfortunate that because of an inconsistent feeding pattern it may take weeks for you to realise that you may have Bed Bugs.

Call The Pest Control Experts Now. Our friendly office staff will put you through to one of our Senior Pest Technicians immediately for free advice and guidance on Bed Bugs or you can book a bed bug inspection for a Same Day Service.

Some signs of a Bed Bug Infestation.

From blood stains on your mattress and sheets to dark spots (faecal matter) and live bugs, our technicians will be able to identify the type and extent of your Pest Issue using only the latest tools and training available.

“Goodnight. Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite.” What you need to know about Bed Bug Bites.

Normally bites from a bed bug are not felt immediately. This is because a bed bug will “numb” you with an anaesthetic first. After some days your skin will become swollen, red and may appear to be this way in clusters on your body. As is typical with bites from various pests, you will feel a burning sensation and an itch.

Bed Bug Control

While you are waiting for an Expert Pest Technician to arrive

While you are waiting for our trained Bed Bug Expert to arrive on your same day service, there are some ways you can help with the eradication process and ways that you may unknowingly hinder a Bed bug Treatment.

Don’t Move furniture other household items around your home – This will almost certainly spread the infestation. This includes moving clothing to wash. We will advise you via phone before our arrival.

Don’t Throw your bedding and other furniture out. Bed bugs are not found only in your bed, but in other areas including furniture and clothing.

Don’t visit or stay at friends homes or hotel rooms. Bed Bugs will ride with you and will more than likely spread and infest a new home or hotel room.

Keep sample bed bugs if you have been lucky enough to find them. The best way is to pick them up with clear tape if possible and seal them inside a ziplock bag. This will help us with identification.

For skin irritations, please consult your chemist or doctor but in the meantime you can

  • Apply Calamine lotion or similar to bite locations
  • Use Oral Anti histamines
  • Use pain relief

At Pest & Termite Exterminators

We use both chemical and non-chemical methods of treatment to make sure you are your family and pets are safe. After an initial consultation, we can tailor a package that suits YOUR needs – You will sleep well at night!


We offer comprehensive Pest Control to get Rid of Bed Bugs

A qualified and licensed pest control operator can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use registered insecticides to control the particular species of bed bugs that you have in a way that is safe for your family and pets.