Treat Your Trees to Prevent Termites

It’s completely normal for termites to establish a colony in trees in your backyards or nearby bush, particularly in Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Maitland and Cessnock. The trained staff at Newcastle Pest Exterminators see termites in trees and tree stumps on a daily basis. Termites in trees can be successfully treated before they enter your home.

Trees and tree stumps are a fantastic food source for termites and offer an opportunity for them to establish a nest lose to your home. The termites will usually eat undetected into the centre of the tree and nest in the root system.

Unfortunately if a tree is close to your home this can pose risks such as an imminent attack on your greatest asset – your home.

Tree with Termites

What to do if you Find Termites in a Tree in Your Yard

If you do find termites in a tree or tree stump on or near your property, do NOT cut the tree down as there is a good chance the colony will survive as it may well be nested in the ground near the root system (see photo above). If you remove the tree this will make treating the colony at a later date all the more difficult and expensive. It will also make identification of the termite species difficult.Newcastle Pest Exterminators treat termites indirectly in all cases unless a nest is found.  Regardless of whether a nest is found or not, our staff are trained to apply only the best quality chemicals meticulously, and we guarantee that the nest will be killed.

What to do if a tree is being removed and termites are found?

It is preferable to cease removal immediately and call out our expert technicians. We guarantee a trained expert can arrive within the hour.Any activity in trees near your property is considered unsafe. Major damage to the root system may also cause the tree to fall and damage your home.
Termite tree Treatment

Can Termites Fly?

Yes certainly termites can fly and this is the way they colonise new trees. Winged termites are known as alates and they will fly out to mate and build a new nest. Of course fs there is a nice moist area in your garden or in your house you could end up with a termite infestation.

What Can I Do to Stop Flying Termites Establishing a Nest in My Garden?

We specialise in preventative treatments to ensure that if termites do land in your garden then they will NOT be able to establish a nest!!

EIGHT Years Protection

Give us a call and we will assess your garden trees and house and apply a protection system that will protect your home your up to eight years.

Flying Termites


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We offer comprehensive Pest Control to get Rid of Termites and STOP Them Coming Back.

A qualified and licensed pest control operator can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use registered insecticides to control the particular species of termites that you have in a way that is safe for your family and pets.