Trusted Termite Inspections, Treatments & Reports For Adamstown

Termites can cause serious problems to homes and commercial buildings in Adamstown. We don’t leave anything to chance. We inspect every part of your building thoroughly, including under floors and in roof cavities, until we’re satisfied your home or business is termite free.

Adamstown is a popular suburb in Newcastle with many homes, shops and school facilities.
Adamstown is close to major shopping facilities and boosts its own ship shopping precinct along Brunker Road
Protect your investment property in Adamstown with a professional termite inspection.
Newcastle Pest Exterminators use the latest thermal and moisture detectors so our termite inspections are accurate, fast and non-intrusive on your property.

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Termite Inspections in Adamstown

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Termite Treatments in Adamstown

Termite Tree Treatments

Termite Tree Treatments in Adamstown

Termite Barrier Prevention for Homes in Adamstown

Termite Preconstruction Barriers

Pre-construction Termite Barrier
For New Homes in Adamstown

Thermal and Moisture Detection
For the most Accurate Termite Detection Possible

We Use The Latest In Termite Inspection Technology So Nothing is Left To Chance!!

We provide a comprehensive Termite Report with EVERY inspection so you know the risk status of your home.

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Termite Thermal & Moisture Detection Equipment

Newcastle Pest Exterminators use the latest termite detection technology using thermal imaging, termi-trac moisture meters, combined with extremely experienced termite inspectors with decades of experience. Don’t waste your money on inexperience. Experience is everything, when it comes to a thorough well informed termite inspection.

Did you know … There is no household insurance that covers you for termite damage?

Unlike most of our competitors we do not charge any extra for using thermal imaging or termi-track. Most of our competitors have none of these technologically advanced termite detection tools and if they do they charge higher prices to use them.

We offer inspection, treatment, and protection services for termites and other pests. Our qualified team of professional termite control experts is well equipped to find and exterminate white ants anywhere on your property. Our emergency mobile termite control units have a quick response time and will arrive at your location in minutes. 

Expert Termite Report

Termite Report

We Provide Computer Generated Termite reports to Australian Standards

  • Easy to Read
  • Up to 45 photos for better understanding
  • Includes location and identification of termites 
  • Includes prior Termite Activity
  • Includes advise on any repairs to help keep Termites out of your home
  • Findings are not limited to your home but to your land including Trees, Stumps and your Gardens
  • To know more about Termite Tree Treatments in your home or business click here.
  • We take pride in providing VERY detailed reports.

We Will Explain the Termite Inspection, Treatment, Prevention Process Every Step of the Way!

Put Your Mind At Rest And Make A Booking NOW.

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Have you discovered Termites or Termite Damage in your home or business?
We have a better chance of killing the nest completely if they are undisturbed.

We can be there within hours.

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We also offer comprehensive Pest Control to get Rid of Common Pests

ONE TREATMENT to Exterminate Cockroaches, Fleas and Spiders

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A qualified and licensed pest control operator can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use registered insecticides to control the particular species of termites that you have in a way that is safe for your family and pets.