Newcastle Treatment Steps

Holes are carefully drilled into internal walls where the nest is located and foam chemicals are injected into the nest. It is very important to do this with as little vibration and noise as possible so we don’t interrupt the feeding pattern of the termite colony.

Sentricon Termite Baits Newcastle

After the termite colony has been controlled it is important to guard your property from future attacks. For this we recommend Sentricon Baits.

5 Steps to Termite Treatment in Newcastle

If you suspect termites at your place – don’t panic!! We are very experienced in dealing with termites and will guarantee to control them as fast as we can.

Step 1: Talk through and sign a termite treatment agreement

This is an important step to ensure that we have fully explained everything and you fully understand what treatments we will use and how long the treatment will take.

Step 2: Carry out a comprehensive termite inspection

Even though you may already know there are termites, we carry out a complete termite inspection to ensure we know the extent of the problem. It also allows us to map out all detectable areas of termite activity, evaluate the extent of the damage, determine entry points and record the issues that may have led to the termite attack. This report then becomes an important record for you and us!

We use the latest in thermal and moisture detection equipment with every termite inspection. This enables us to find the termites fast and never miss even the smallest nest.

Step 3: Treatment to exterminate active termites 

With many termite infestations it will not be possible to locate the termite nest responsible as it is will be outside the house and may even be up to 100 metres away. This means we have to treat the termites inside the building and get them to carry the chemical out to the nest to kill the queen. This is not all we do though as there are a range of products available; termite baits, termite foams and termite dusts.

Elimination of the termites from a property can take between a two weeks and a couple of months, depending on the species of termites present, the size of the infestation and the products used.

Step 4: Install a termite management system

The next important step is to ensure that the termites don’t come back. To make sure of this we will recommend a termite management system for around the property to prevent future termite attacks. Two types of management system can be used to prevent termite attacks on buildings; a liquid termiticide treatment to the soil around and under the house (if there is a sub-floor) or the installation of a termite monitoring system.

Step 5: Regular termite inspections

No matter what termite management system we install, we will be back! A regular termite inspections, at least once per year, is required to maintain the warranty on the termite management system. We aim to put your mind at rest that you won’t have to suffer the stress of another infestation.

You can read more about Termite inspections here and baits on our Termite Treatments page.

If you have any questions about Termite baits please give our experts a call.

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