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Kotara as the original ‘garden suburb’ is a unique suburb where the lucky residents’ have easy access to both a major shopping centre and a large natural recreational area like Blackbutt Reserve. Such a quality living environment is reflected in the fact that people generally stay in the same house for over five years and over 40% of houses are privately owned.

If you live in Kotara there are measures you need to be aware of in terms of pest control. The proximity of the shopping centre and the reserve do present challenges due to pests such as cockroaches, rats and termites which are attracted to these areas for food and breeding.

With the northern regions of Kotara lining Blackbutt Nature Reserve, many houses are at risk of termite infestation. Newcastle Pest Exterminators recently successfully treated three houses in Kotara for termites, protecting these houses from severe structural damage.

With the median age of houses in Kotara being around 40 years old, these houses need regular inspections and treatments for cockroaches, spiders and rodents which is vital to ensure the health of Kotara residents.

Since 17% of homes in Kotara are privately rented, we also offer an all-inclusive End Of Lease Treatment deal and a Complete Pest Control deal to kill 13+ pests in one go. These packages were designed for landlords and tenants to ensure that houses are pest free for future tenants.

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