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Pest & Termite Exterminators WILL get rid of Cockroaches and German Cockroaches NOW.

Cockroaches including German Cockroaches carry diseases on their legs and bodies and are deposited on objects that they forage in.  Different levels of gastroenteritis (food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea and other illnesses) appear to be the principal diseases transmitted by cockroaches and German cockroaches. Our Techs at Pest & Termite Exterminators have seen cockroaches destroy anything from kettles to expensive house hold items like beloved Thermomix, coffee machines, stereos and modems – Pest & Termite Exterminators have seen it all. They get into your floorboards, hinges in doorways and cupboards and eat your wiring and destroy appliances. They also love your soaps and your toothpaste!

A qualified and licensed pest control operator can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use registered insecticides to control the cockroaches.

Cockroach control in food industry
Cockroach control in food industry


Get rid of rats and mice in your home. Don’t hesitate. Call the experts NOW.

It’s very common for rats and mice to live indoors in your walls, roof or subfloor. The first indicator that rats or mice, or even both, are in your home is the noise. Rats and Mice, being nocturnal will be heard during the night scurrying, scratching and making chewing noises from behind a wall or in your roof cavity.
Reproducing rapidly, a rodent problem can go from bad to worse before you know it.Supermarket pest control products like pellets and traps are often not effective enough against the cunning and versatile mouse or rat.

A professional rodent control solution will work quickly and specifically target the areas where rodents are entering your home or business.

Rat Control
rats and mice control


Pest & Termite Exterminators are the experts in Termite Inspections, Termite Treatment, and Termite Protection.

Termite colonies eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Subterranean termites are the most destructive kind of termite and Newcastle is FULL of them. Studies show the average damage to a home in Newcastle to be about $15,000. Termites can also injure or destroy living trees, causing them to fall, on or near your home. Every spring, groups of reproductive termites fly off to start new colonies in Newcastle and surrounding areas like Cessnock, Maitland, Port Stephens and Central Coast. These are called Alates. They can enter your home anywhere damp enough to sustain life.

We offer:

  • Termite Inspections using a Thermal Camera (no damage to your home).
  • Termite Treatments
  • Termite Barriers at competitive prices with a repayment plan tailored to suit you

Pest & Termite Exterminators are the experts in Termite inspections, Termite Treatments and installation of Termite Barriers.

Termite Inspections
Termite Control
Termite Control



Our expert pest control technicians can eradicate spiders fast, offering immediate protection for your family.
We take Spider control SERIOUSLY and so should YOU!
Australia is home to the world’s deadliest spiders, including the funnel-web and redback spider.

Spiders can be divided into two main groups:

Crawling or Hunting Spiders

Dangerous:  Funnel-Web , Trap-door, White-tailed, Mouse Spider
Painful Bite: 
Huntsmen, Wolf Spider

Webbing Spiders

Dangerous:  Red Back
Painful Bite:
 Black House, St. Andrews Cross, Daddy Long-Legs, Brown Widow

Download Our Spider Identification Chart

Pest & Termite Exterminators will Inspect and create a comprehensive control plan that WORKS!

Spiders Control
Spiders Control


At Pest & Termite Exterminators we believe that a successful flea treatment should be a ONCE ONLY treatment.

As of the 21st of January 2017 we have had a 100% SUCCESS Rate in ridding hundreds of houses of Fleas!
That’s why Pest & Termite Exterminators can provide a warranty after the FIRST (and LAST) Flea Treatment. Being pet owners ourselves, we understand Flea pest Control for maximum effectiveness.
A Flea Infestation should be treated immediately. At a rate of 40 to 50 eggs being laid per day, flea infestations can increase astronomically and quickly.

Treat your Flea infestation by one of our specialists at Pest & Termites Exterminators, CONTACT US TODAY.

Flea Control Treatment
Flea Infectation Treatment


We offer comprehensive Pest Control to get rid of ants and STOP them coming back.

A qualified and licensed pest control operator can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation and use registered insecticides to control the Ants.

Ants that invade home can indirectly compromise your health and safety. Ants could pick up various types of germs including E. coli and deposit them on your food. Consumption of this food will definitely lead to health problems including gastroenteritis.
Foraging worker ants cause a nuisance as they travel widely in search of food, following well-defined trails and clustering around the food source. They are attracted to sweet or fatty substances in kitchens, pantries, storerooms and warehouses.

Ant Control
Ant Control