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Timber borers are “larval form of different families of beetles” (Source) which lay their eggs inside freshly cut timber. As timber borers (or wood borers) grow, they become increasingly more destructive. These beetles leave ‘flight holes’ as they bore out of the timber in your home. When timber borers leave the timber, they become insects and fly off. Unfortunately for homeowners, timber borers remain undetected until they leave the timber. This makes it hard for homeowners to detect the presence of the borers.

How can we help you exterminate timber borers?

At Pest and Termite Control, we provide expert timber borer eradication through safe and fast techniques. Our timber borer treatments include low toxicity chemicals which penetrate deep into the grain of the timber. This helps us kill timber borers before they cause further damage and escape the wood.

How do you stop timber borers eating your home?

There are seven common species of timber borers. All of these species can damage timber in your house. The first step to stopping borers is ensuring your sub-floor is dry and has good air flow. You can also check that there are no leaks from your houses plumbing which may affect your sub floor. The more humidity in the subfloor, the increased chances of your home hosting timber borers.

What is your process to remove wood borers?

Our team applies a comprehensive and fast working treatment. First we identify the areas affected by timber borers. Next we apply our safe and effective timber borer treatment which penetrates deep into the wood.

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