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We are the experts in Installing Termite Barriers.

We have been in the pest control industry for many years and have seen how termites can attacked every type of home. To protect your home 24/7 we recommend a Termite Barrier for older homes, extensions and even new homes.


What is a Termite Barrier?

A termite barrier is a system either chemical or physical installed to protect your home against a Termite attack.

Termidor and/or Fipforce Chemical Barrier

A chemical barrier is a chemically treated zone that surrounds the entire perimeter of a building or structure. This treated zone lays beneath the ground and is positioned strategically to disrupt the termites natural path into a building.

The chemicals used to create the barrier act in a number of ways.

The chemical is invisible to Termites. As the Termite passes through the barrier it is affected by the poison which takes some days to build a lethal dose. In the meantime, Termites, being a social insect transfer this chemical back and forth throughout the colony hence causing colony destruction within weeks.

Termidor and Fipforce are the most trusted products on the market today. We do not use other, less inferior products. As per label the life expectancy of these products is up to 8 years.

The actual barrier is installed by digging a 150mm wide trench around the perimeter of your home (if slab) or around piers if any. The trench needs to be deep enough to expose the footings. Drilling into concrete may also be required.

This trench or drilled holes are then injected with this termiticide chemical compound that binds with the soil.



Baiting System – Sentricon Always Active

In some cases a baiting system is required. Sentricon is the latest in advanced baiting Technology.

Sentricon is a small basket placed in the ground with an active chemical rod inside. The Termites are attracted to and begin feeding on the Chemical rod inside. Again, the transfer effect causes the chemical to be passed through the colony and back to the queen.

Pest and Termite Exterminators only use Sentricon Always Active. Released in 2015 it is the future of all baiting systems with its low upkeep and relatively low setup cost.


Termite Control
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Termite inspections are a must in our area

Before you have a barrier installed we recommend that you have a full termite inspection carried out to make sure that you do not already have active termites in your property.

Our professional team are very experienced with termite infestations and can treat your problem and also give you advice on maintenance like a termite barrier to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

Pre-construction Termite Barriers

If you are building a new home a barrier is essential not only from a Timber Pest Inspectors point of view but also in most cases, your local council.

A pre-construction barrier provides a long lasting termite control system for your investment. The purpose of a termite barrier system is to deter termite entry and reduce the risk of termite attack.

Term-Seal Termite Barrier

Termite proofing requires an integrated system of products. Building regulations state all new buildings must have a termite management system installed. This has seen an increase of quick & easy singular products come onto the market. In our opinion, this is restrictive. The many variables of a construction process require fit for purpose products. Every construction scenario is different. And every construction has stages. TERM-seal™ products & systems work with this logic in mind. Catering for all commercial and residential buildings.

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Why Pre-Construction Termite Barriers Are Important?

  • Termites and are active in all mainland areas of Australia
  • 34,000 homes each year are attacked by termites causing millions of dollars damage
  • The average cost from damage is approximately $15,000
  • To the best of our knowledge, Insurance does NOT cover termite damage and even steel roof homes are not termite proof. Other areas of the home are still vulnerable to termite attack for example, timber floor, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, even electrical wiring may be effected.

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    What Can I Do to Prepare for a Termite Barrier?

    It is very important not to disturb termites when you find them! Do not disturb any mud trails or nests as the termites will be harder to treat and they may move into other areas and make the problem worse.

    If you find termites give us a call and we can assess your situation over the phone and advise you of the correct path.

    Some things you can do around your property to prepare for termite barrier installation.

    • Move everything away from the walls of your house by 1 metre so our technicians have access to the perimeter of your house. This includes pot plants, garden furniture etc.
    • Do not disturb the soil at this stage as our technicians may be looking for evidence of termite entry points.
    • Remove all timber that may be laying around your property
    • If you think you may have termites do not disturb anything call in the pest control experts first. We can provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that will keep termites away for good.

    The Future of Termite Barriers

    Newcastle Termite Exterminators use the latest in Termite Barriers from Sentricon. Watch the video below to see how they work.

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