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We are Manos & Clint, your local rodent control specialists. With years of experience eliminating rodents, rats & mice, we can help develop you a plan to eradicate rodents in a short time span.

We don’t just use poisons but also other techniques to locate them easily afterwards for removal.

From Smiths Lakes to Halidays Point (and everywhere in between), rodents can cause alot of damage. They love chewing electrical cables and hiding around food stores. Nothing is safe from rodents!

If you require Rat & Mice Control or just need a consultation, please give us a call. We can offer solutions all around the Forster and Myall Lakes area.

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Rodent Control Experts

We consult and deliver industry leading rodent control. We use best practices and leading brands.

Holistic Approach To Rodents

Our expert technicians can detect rodents around your property. We then apply industry leading products to minimise the damage they have on your property.

We use leading brands

This ensures our products are effective in protecting your home from rodents in the long term.

Your Rodent Experts

We service the entirety of the Forster region, offering effective & family friendly rodent control services.

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