newcastle neighbours have termites


John from Wallsend asks this important question

“Our neighbours discovered a huge white ant nest in their house causing major damage. They just had their house treated. We are now worried the termites will target out house. What do you recommend?

This is an interesting question and one we often get asked while we are treating a house.

The simple answer is YES YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED

Termites can travel up to 100 metres under the gound so if your house is within in 100 metres of your neighbours you should carry out the following Action Steps.

ACTION 1 – Get an immediate termite inspection of your home to make sure you do not already have termites.

Finding termites anywhere in your suburb should be of major concern especially if they in the house next door. Subterranean termites, termites that nest under the ground, can travel over 100 metres through the soil from the nest to find a good food source.

Our termite inspectors use thermal detectors and moisture detectors to make sure that we never miss a termite infestation!

It is important that your termite inspection includes all areas of your home including sub-floors, ceiling space gardens and fence lines.

ACTION 2 – Check your house carefully for moisture sources.

Termites require a moisture source for survival and will prefer a food source that is nice and moist. Check around your home carefully or ask your Termite Inspector to check using a Professional Moisture Meter.

Places to check include leaking taps, drain pipes, hot water system overflow, air-conditioner units. Anything that would provide a source of moisture near your home.

Other areas to check carefully are shower recesses and indoor taps that may be leaking into floors or walls. Moist timber is a very attractive food source for termites.

ACTION 3 – Remove other sources of termite food around your home.

Termites will be attracted to other food sources close to your home such as timber lying on the ground, fallen trees, dead branches, timber retaining walls and timber wood piles. Try to remove all timber that is lying on the ground. Treated timber may be safe however should be check regularly.

Keep your home and garden well maintained to reduce the risks of attracting termites into your garden and reduce the risk of attack on your home.

Have termite professionals inspect your home and garden every 12 months or every 6 months in high risk areas. Newcastle Pest Exterminators will inspect your home and garden and will provide with a complete risk assessment so you can take care of any risk factors.

You can read more about termite baits on our Termite Treatments page.

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